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Celebrating the great outdoors

Every child has a natural instinct to explore and discover, and what better place to do this than the great outdoors. There are some simple things you can do to create a great outdoor space in your own your own back garden:

  • By adding a pile of logs in a corner of the garden or against the garage wall, this will encourage all sorts of bugs and creepy crawlies to take up residency, creating the prefect bug hunt territory.
  • If you have a large garden wall or maybe down the side of the house, using guttering and guttering fixings to create a zig-zag slalom effect will provide so many opportunities for you and your child to experiment with – pouring water and watching it cascade down the guttering, or pushing cars and ping pong balls down, and begin to question and understand the effect of gravity!
  • Children love to hide and build, so pick up some bamboo canes, clothes pegs and dig out some material (old sheets, scarves and blankets) and make a tent or tepee to have tea in!
  • Planting is a great activity and the more creative you are with your planting the more fun you will have. Ever tried growing tomatoes in old wellington boots, or herbs in washed out baked bean tins or even a pumpkin in a car tyre.

Whatever the weather we support and encourage the children to venture outside  to explore the changing seasons in their outdoor environment in the nursery garden and beyond within the local community. Our garden at Each Peach Childcare has been designed with the children in mind, allowing them opportunities to use natural and manmade materials such as living willows, wood chip, tree stumps together with outdoor play equipment such as spades, trowels, den making equipment, guttering… the list is endless.

We have spare wellingtons and splash suits (for both staff and children alike!) to make sure they are protected from the elements of our ever changing weather to ensure that every day an outdoor adventure can be had.

For further information and inspiration for your own outdoor adventure go to The Woodland Trust.

Posted on 12/01/2013 in Childcare Tips, Featured Posts