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In order to book a place for the holiday club please complete the booking form below, you will then receive a confirmation email with instructions of the next steps to secure your booking. Please note spaces are limited so your space is not confirmed until you receive the confirmation email (within 48 hours)

Current Availability:

2nd April – Spaces available

3rd April – Spaces available

4th April – Spaces available

9th April –Spaces available

10th April –Spaces available

11th April –Spaces available

Once you booking has been received you will be added onto a database named Famly, we need your permission to do this. This platform is so you can enter important information we need about your child and will allow us to contact you nearer the time with any further information.

    In order to book a place we require your permission to be added to our database, this is used for you to upload information we require about your child and to contact you with any details of the event.