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Cherry Blossoms (0-15 Months)

We know leaving your little baby in the care of someone else can be nerve racking, that’s why we have created a space that offers a home-from-home experience. Our babies 0 to 15 months will be cared for in a beautiful open-plan room.

Cherry Blossoms is a large, bright and airy environment which feel both spacious and cozy at the same time. Perfect for our little ones!

Individual routines, and care needs are discussed and agreed in partnership with you to ensure that their care at nursery is consistent with their care at home and meets their unique patterns and routines. The babies have a wide range of exciting activities available as they grow and develop. Activities will include treasure baskets, sensory fun, creative, construction, music/singing, physical, outdoor play and many more.

The ratio is 1 adult to 3 children, which allows for more group activities while still ensuring the highest standard of care for your child. For all babies under one year, Each Peach Childcare will also provide the formula and bottles.We provide a specialised weaning menu which supports the babies through the different stages in partnership with your wishes.

In stimulating surroundings, all of the children will be exposed to a variety of tactile and hands on activities that encourage all areas of development, including physical and communication. The babies also have the opportunity for cuddles and quiet time with an integral sleep room and cots available. All of our children go outside on a daily basis.

Because the stages of development are so vast during these years we have incorporated a second baby room, so at around 15 months (or when your child is ready) your child will move on up to Loganberries where play will develop to focus on Physical, Social and Emotional development as well as Communication and Language.

Loganberries (15 months - 2 years)

Your child continues to develop at an amazing rate, toddling, exploring, investigating and absorbing everything around them.  As their independence and growing personalities build them into curious individuals, Mangofruits offers space for them to practice and fine tune their recently found gross motor skills from crawling to walking, climbing, running, dancing and jumping, all within a safe and secure environment. Through this crucial time for language and communication development we have plenty of resources such as books, puppets and instruments that will inspire and encourage your little ones to flourish.

As our ‘babies’ become independent ‘little people’ we aim to nurture their development while still offering a relaxed homely atmosphere. As they begin to grow and develop, eating and sleeping patterns begin to change, solid food has replaced the milk as the main source of nutrients and the children are catered for from our main nursery menus. While nap times usually fluctuate there is still plenty of opportunity to sleep and for quiet times within the nursery day when needed. Play at this age begins to change and the children start to reflect on daily routines and discover their imaginations. Initiating games such as mimicking everyday routines such as cooking dinner or dusting, feeding babies or putting them to bed, driving cars or flying aeroplanes making the engine noises or roaring like dinosaurs and stamping their feet as they trudge through the jungle.

This is an amazing age where children rely so much on their carers to be role models but are also becoming self-sufficient. By giving them the freedom to explore and investigate, and providing inspirational equipment and activities as well as the love and personal care they need, we allow our children to learn, grow and develop as individuals. Activities will include sensory fun, creative, construction, music/singing, physical, outdoor play and many more.

Mangofruits & Bananaberries (2-3 years)

At two years old your child will be getting more and more independent with their own mind and ideas. At this important time for you and your family we have two rooms – Mangofruits and Bananaberries – that give children the freedom to explore, investigate and experiment within a safe and secure environment. Supporting the children with their new found (and still developing) language skills, imaginative play, co-ordination and physical skills, as well as toilet training and dressing skills.

Recognising that this age group learns so much from their peers as role models, we have mixed age group rooms, these are for our children aged 2-3 years. As your child turns three the changes in them are immense. In a fun and informal way, we nurture each individual child whilst developing their confidence and all round skills.

Both rooms have a huge variety of equipment and activities, as well as daily access to the outdoors to support and enhance all-round development. Giving the children clear boundaries to keep them safe allows them the freedom to grow independently.

Bananaberries and Mangofruits have been set up to allow the children freedom of choice and independence, to ignite imagination and focus on all areas of development; learning through play. The children have access to a huge assortment of different equipment and experiences to help them develop the skills they need for later in life. Through our experience we have seen that while these manufactured items are essential to their learning it is also important to give them contact with everyday and natural items that they can experiment with and explore.

Starfruits (Preschool)

Evidence has shown how much children learn from each other and it is imperative for them to become confident in groups with their peers. It is also important that they spend time outdoors.This can allow siblings to mix within a day but also equips the older children with a vast understanding of empathy and spacial awareness as their play changes while they interact with each other.

In Starfruits we work towards ensuring the transition is as smooth as possible. We have a library scheme where the children can take nursery books to share with you at home and we will encourage the children to talk about big school in fun projects and activities including a uniform day. This period of time is often as hard on parents than it is for the children, so our strong links with the local schools, including visits throughout the year will help put minds at ease.

Wellbeing and Discovery

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