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All of our events are family friendly and packed with creative and fun things to do for the children. We even throw in plenty for the adults too. You can find out all you need to know about our events here or follow us on Facebook for updates.

Follow Florence's Incredible Journey!

Our resident snail is on the move!

Florence started her life as a blank snail but was then transformed into a beautiful colourful snail at Each Peach Childcare in Hove. Florence has loved living at Each Peach Childcare in Hove and will miss all her friends very much. However it is now time for her to go on a journey to Each Peach Forest School but she is going to make a few stops on her way before arriving at the Each Peach Summer Fun Day!

We’re currently running a number of events and a very exciting campaign called ‘Florence’s Incredible Journey’ click the button to find out all about it.